Elite Multisport Coaching provides endurance athletes of all ages, sizes and abilities the opportunity to have a high performance coach as part of their performance team.  We provide comprehensive training, nutrition and strength programs that are customized to meet individual athlete needs. 

We offer athletes both local and virtual coaching options depending on geographical location as well as a training program design option for athletes who do not want a full-time coach but would like to receive a professional training program customized to their needs.  

We leave no stone unturned when it comes to improving the performance of athletes. We are extremely well-versed in periodization planning, exercise physiology and testing, nutrition, strength training, mental preparation and race tactics.  

Athletes enjoy our personal approach to coaching as we care about the person as well as the athlete.  We don’t believe in partitioning the amount of communication we have with our athletes which is why we only provide individual customized coaching or training telephone consultations.  We strive to make athlete's experiences the highest quality possible by not offering programs or packages-just coaching the way coaching was meant to be!

  • Monthly customized coaching ranges from $150-500 depending on the coach.
  • Hourly telephone consultations range from $50-125 depending on the coach.

Email Elite Multisport Coaching to inquire about their services.